Creation of art is a necessary out-pouring of my soul. Beauty, poetics and seduction inevitably show up on my canvas. Improvisational sites of discovery, unfinished inventories of self and fragments of tension hide in undulating hues of light. A sense that the completed painting exists in the realm of possibilities long before I have a paintbrush in hand propels my creative investigations.

Inspiration is always a mixture of prophetic calling and uninformed inquiry. It is easy to point to the obvious and the available, the great masters and the magnificence of Nature, as a source of predictive muse. Both are present in the subtleties and loud voices on my canvas. However, something more intrinsic compels my work, the translation of aesthetics and truth.

I am presently working on several bodies of work that are unique yet share a similar stylistic approach. The textured lines of the “Shattered” series contrast the circular movement of the “Serpentine” series, while puncuating the liquid flow of “Vipassana” and adding the final note in the GEO series.

The exploration of color and its application with respect to the effect of light and the symmetry of space is key to my work. Enamored with color, my pallet ranges from muted hues of the “Basho” series to bold pigmented colors of the “Vipassansa” series. The emollient texture and seductive quality of oil is my unrivaled choice of paint though I enjoy the variety and density of acrylic as a basic color wash or for a drip effect.

Large wood panels and old wooden planks are my preferred painting surfaces as they offer an organic transcendence as well as providing a sturdy surface for multiple layers of paint. Other indispensible tools are the feathered brushes, spatulas and scrapers that enable me to move thick layers of paint.

My conversation on the canvas is complete only when there is absolutely nothing that I can add that will speak with more truth, beauty or love.